You want to enjoy the best panoramic view of Singapore? then Marina bay sands is the best choice for you. This uniquely designed high end luxury hotel is home for the famous infinity pool and sky park. Only the hotel guest’s can access the pool. Whereas, with ticket cost of 23$ you can access the SkyPark.

Tips & Recommendations :

  • Tripods not allowed in the SkyPark.
  • There’s no seat arrangement in the Skybridge, You can sit in the ground and enjoy the view as much as time you want.
  • If you want to leave Skybridge, don’t go back to same entrance gate. There’s separate gate for exit exactly opposite to the entrance side.
  • If you’re lucky you can able to see the light show in the Singapore River from top view.
  • During your entrance they will take your photo in front of green mat, on your way back your photo will be ready after post processing. You can buy only the photo for 30$ or with frame 50$. If you don’t want to buy, politely tell them and greet them with “Thank you”.
  • Visit Sky Bridge by Sunset time and stay there till 8 or 9 PM to see the transition of the beautiful city from day to night.
  • Buy the photo alone for 30$, the frame not worth 20$, even in high end smart phone or with any DSLR we can’t take the photo like them due to limited light availability in the top.
  • You can keep an umbrella with you; it can rain in Singapore any time. There’s no shed to hide in the Sky Bridge.