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10 Things to do in England

England is best known for its rich cultural heritage, intricate architectural masterpieces, and scenic landscape. There are many places that would be worth your time should you want to visit England but here is a list of 10 best places to go. Most of these places afford you a combination of experiences of multiple tourist canters in the region.

1. The Jurassic Coast

You guessed right. It is medieval and comes with all the experiences of your fantasy. You get one better; you can go hunting for 90 million year old fossils revealed by rock weathering! In this geologically special part of the world, you get to explore breathtaking views of the beach such as the old harry rocks, giant chalk stacks at the eastern edge of the Jurassic coast including the kimmeridge bay for a dip in the water and many other places on the coast.

2. The London Eye

This is the world most iconic ferry. If you are in London, you should definitely visit. It offers one of the best views of London. It is one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions and even offers a 40 minute river cruise where you get to explore the River Thames. It is also surrounded by many other tourist attractions so asides enjoying the ferry ride; you get to see other attractions such as the London dungeon, Shrek’s Adventure! London.

3. Cornwall

  It is all about the Watergate Bay. The beach experience is one for the archives. Ever considered star gazing? Cornwall has places where you could watch the stars in their majesty with your naked eyes. It earned the Night Sky Status because of this. Be sure to check out the Legendary St Michael’s Mount while you are in the City. The natural environment makes it one of the distinctive parts of the United Kingdom as well as one of the most popular tourist attractions. It boasts many attractions for travellers such as King Arthur’s Hall, Brown Willy, the highest point in Cornwall, Dozmary pool of the Arthurian legend and many other on-site attractions.

4. Bristol

People have argued that Bristol is better than London. The debate is not the point. The comparison shows you just how much experience can be had in this city. Art, pop and culture litter almost every part of the city and as the saying goes, Bristol isn’t just a city that buzzes, it thumps! It has an identity of its own, one that has been carved out by passionate locals and spirited fans. For shopaholics, Bristol is top class from retail giants to quirky independents. Bristol is definitely a city bursting with character whether you’re in walking boots or hot air balloon.

5. Cambridge

  Cambridge is popular for its world-renowned university. Apart from the famous school, the Church of St Mary the Great is a great place to see. You can climb its tower and enjoy the view of the city’s magnificent architectural works. There’s a vibrant theatre and arts scene for art and theatre lovers as well as fine contemporary restaurants mixed with traditional pubs. If you’re planning a family vacation to Cambridge, there are a host of exquisite hotels to serve your needs such as the Gonville hotel, University Arms hotel and many more.  

6. Oxford

  The University of Oxford is a beauty to explore in its own right. Oxford also has the best Museums in the UK. The city itself has great architectural designs and inspiring people. You may just run into some of the scientists you read of in textbooks. At oxford, you get to visit the Harry Potter filming locations, Inspector Morse sights, the Alice in Wonderland site and many other beautiful places.    Its mix of ancient and modern gives tourists and residents things to do and explore.

7. Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland has great history in its sands and stones. You could also visit the port that the Titanic Vessel set sail from in Belfast. Everything from golfing, mountain climbing, boating, hiking, food and music is provided for in exquisite fashion. In recent times, the country’s role as the filming location for Game of Thrones has help boost the number of tourists whether families, couples or solo travelers. There’s great shopping, world-class restaurants and many other exciting attractions.

8. Exmoor

It’s the exquisite Landscape and 37 miles of coastline that sets it apart. It is the home to Exmoor ponies and some of the rarest plants on the planet. The site has beautiful panoramic views and places where one can sit and enjoy these views. One of the most popular activities on the island is canoeing; Mountain bikers and walkers will easily find this to be an interesting place to visit.

9. Lake District

The Lake District Park is all about beautiful scenery. Its waters are of national importance as they teem with rare water life. 15.8 million Tourists visit each year to take in its tranquility and abundant wildlife. No matter how you want to enjoy your visit, you can walk, cycle, swing trees and splash about till your heart’s content.

10. Bath

Take a step back in time. Experience elements of ancient Roman culture. Be treated to an Actual Roman bath. It is the only place in the UK where the entire city is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was built for pleasure and relaxation and the beautiful bath has been able to maintain its position as a well-being destination since roman times. Its visitor-friendly centre is filled with lots of places to eat and drink and has some of the finest independent shops. It is a place worth treating yourself to an overnight stay.