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London is a city that combines medieval elegance and modern technology in a tranquil mix of red and white beauty. Do you have cause to visit London anytime soon?

Check out the best 10 things to do during your visit!

1. Visit Hyde Park

Be part of London’s rich history. Hyde Park hosted many significant demonstrations including the Chartists, the Reform League, and the Suffragettes protests of the late 20th century. It is the largest of four royal parks and is famous for the speaker’s corner of free speech and rock concerts

Entrance is free. It is open between 5am and 12am all year long


2.Visit West Minster

West Minster is home to London’s house of parliaments. There are tours available to the famous Churchill’s war rooms. Ever heard of Big Ben? No? Well, it is the nickname of the Great Bell of the Clock that hangs in the tower of the Palace in West Minster. It may be found at the North end. It still chimes every hour since 1859 till date.

3.See the London Eye

The London Eye is Europe’s tallest observation wheel. This can get your breath-taking view of most of London in one revolution. It is located on the bank of the famous River Thames.

Adult (16+) ride cost£27 – 30; Child (3 – 15) ride cost £22 – 24. It is a free ride for Children under 3years. It is open 10am – 8:30pm in summer and 11am – 6pm in winter.

4.Take A Cruise on the Thames

The truth is, there are many sights to see in London. A cruise on London’s largest river, Thames, brings all the experiences together. Be sure to book a night cruise for an even more intense experience. The cruise tickets start at £9 through £14 depending on whether you are a child or an adult and whether you are pre-ordering or paying at the station.

5. Watch A Movie at BFI IMAX

The British Film Institute (BFI) runs an IMAX studio just on the south bank of River Thames. Its architecture is a work of art and its movie screen is the largest in the UK. It has its own bar and set of restaurants. Movie schedules can be looked up on their site.

6. Climb Up the O2

What you really should be doing in the world’s most popular music, sport, comedy, and concert stage is seeing an event! But what is the fun in that if you can take a 90-minute climb up the building’s exterior? You get to be on one of London’s most amazing skylines and experience the adventure of hiking the O2’s architectural masterpiece.

7. Use A Restaurant at Shoreditch

London is a city of history, art and culture. Shoreditch is the perfect place to chill out in the night. It is home to some of the most amazing bars and pubs that play pop and blues and serve amazing drinks.

8. Explore China Town

If for nothing else, the thrill of experiencing cultural diversity should make you visit Chinatown. This is another place you want to see at night. The popular rose duckling and many other Chinese cuisines are served.

9. Visit King’s Cross Platform 9¾

Not a lot needs to be said to Harry Potter fans save that there is now an official platform 9¾. If you haven’t seen Harry Potter or read the book, this may be lost on you. Still, King’s Cross is an interesting train Station to visit

10. The Buckingham Palace

This is the Palace of the British Royal family since 1823. You will witness the best of gothic architecture and well-groomed gardens. If you wait long enough, you may witness the world-famous Changing of the Guard!

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